Painter | Sculptor
Willi Lemke

About the artist

Born in Würselen

1973 A-levels at the Staatliches Neusprachliches Gymnasium Alsdorf
1973 – 1976 Studies at the Pädagogische Hochschule Abt. Rheinland in Aachen,
diploma in education, art studies with Prof. Joachim Bandau

since 2011 Member of BBK Aachen (Federal Association of Visual Artists)
since 2020 Member of Kulturwerk Aachen
since 2013 Member of the artist group ATELIER

“With Willi Lemke, a versatile artist enters the scene. He paints, draws, etches, photographs, collages, he creates wall objects, sculptures, sculptures and whole room installations. But not only the manner and technique of his artworks are extremely variable, but also their contents. In addition to surrealist chalk paintings that irritate our visual habits, there are abstract, often monochrome oil paintings, animals assembled from metal and wood, and even the human ear is interesting enough for him to choose it as the starting point of his artistic preoccupation.
Willi Lemke was born in 1950 in Würselen near Aachen and studied to become a teacher, majoring in art with Professor Joachim Bandau. “*.

*Dr. Josef Gülpers, art historian, 2013

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