Ralf Metzenmacher

About the artist

His artistic orientation – the synthesis of art and product design – is explained by his biography. Ralf Metzenmacher, born in 1964, studied object and product design at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences from 1986 to 1991. He studied painting with Prof. Christiane Maether and drawing and sculpture with Prof. Ulf Hegewald. After completing his studies, he had an impressive career at the sporting goods manufacturer PUMA.

Initially, he designed shoes as “Designer Footwear” at PUMA. In the area of “Businessmanagement Accessories International” he was responsible for product management, development, purchasing, sales and marketing in addition to design. He rose to the position of “Director Footwear Europe & Accessories International”. In media reports, this title was and still is erroneously summarized as “Chief Designer,” although this catchy designation did not exist at PUMA. Metzenmacher designed, developed, specified materials, negotiated prices, did “forecasting,” organized purchasing and presented the products internationally.

He was the creative director, hired new employees, opened offices (Boston, London), started collaborations with other designers and supervised them.

Ralf Metzenmacher passed away in August 2020. His works are managed by his friend Stephan Kaussen and hang in our gallery.


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