Isabella von Freienstein

About the artist

Isabella Steindl born on 22.03.1981 in Leoben, mother of 2 daughters; lives and works in Graz since 2011. She attended compulsory school in Upper Styria and then completed an apprenticeship in the catering industry. On the second way of education she started a training as a qualified movement pedagogue in order to lay a foundation for her later work in the social sector. From 2002 to 2005 Isabella used her maternity leave to further develop herself in the field of vocational education. She graduated as a social and vocational pedagogue and started her studies at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz in the field of educational science.

At the same time, she worked as a movement pedagogue and social pedagogue for various institutions.

In 2014, her second child was born. During this time Isabella discovered the world of colors and made her first experiments with oil, acrylic, graphite and watercolor. In the spring of 2019, Isabella went public with your art and directly achieved success in the international art scene.

She received already in the first year, several nominations such as for the international Kitz Award or as for the internatonalen Palmartaward; also you can already show several awards! Among them, for example, the International Art Award “Michaelangeloaward” which was awarded to her in the Palazzo Cardinal Cesi in Rome. Various international press articles are a matter of course!

Since 2019, the artist is also at the international, social art project “See-The-Big-Picture” as an Austrian artist, country representative member as well as part of unicartem Germany!

In her autobiographical, self-reflective approach, her art focuses on figurative details that leave much room for interpretation. The boundary between abstraction and reality is blurred, thus opening up new perspectives and offering an interpretative approach to the perception of gender relations, among other things.

The theme is also the dichotomy in many areas. For example, women become men or vice versa, or even uncanny-looking hermaphrodites. Characteristic of her art is also a complex linearity that creates its own dynamics in the flow of movement.

Meanwhile Isabella’s works are in private collections in Europe; especially in Austria and Germany.


June 2014: Exhibition Museumcenter Leoben/Austria

July 2018: Vernissage Casino Uri AS Radenci/Slovenia

June 2018: Exhibition Museumcenter Leoben/Austria

Aug. 2018: Gallery Obcine Radenci/Slovenia

Dec. 2018: Exhibition Graz/Austria

June 2019: exhibition Konotop/Ukraine

June 2019: exhibition Kiev/Ukraine

Nov. 2019: opening of the main gallery of See the big Picture Trofaiach/Austria

Nov. 2019: vernissage Trofaiach/Austria

More exhibitions:

March 2020: World Wide Art Show London fixed

June 2020: World Wide Art Show New York City fixed

August to November 2020: Art Expo Rome fixed

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