Video - Acoustic - Light - Movement
Franz Buchholz

About the artist

“Artists have always used paint, wood, steel or marble for their work. I use electronic components for my objects. With my sounding objects, I try to use the inventions of modern technology to arouse the viewer’s curiosity and reactivate the hidden play instinct. In this way, I create aesthetic objects that trigger changeable reactions in sound, movement and light. The objects created from technical components pose questions to the art viewer and are intended to make us think about the way we deal with nature and technology. People have always been interested in musical forms of expression, impressed by them and tempted to play with them. My objects and sound sculptures appeal equally to the senses of sight, touch and hearing. Light stroking, tapping or touching evokes sounds, noises and effects. The acoustic sculptures call for action. Synthetic music is created by touching. Several people can also make music here. The sound effects produced in this way come from within the sculpture. Works such as Klangvariator, Tastraum, Tonolith, Klang – Tast – Skulptur or Ton – Tanz – Flächen are examples of the basic character of this group of my works. The interest in technology, outside of the demand for more functionality that is so important today, means for my work the inclusion of the human being as a triggering factor.”

– Franz Buchholz


1937: Born in Aachen. Married with two children. Father Cornell Buchholz was a librarian at the Aachen City Theatre. Grandfather Franz Buchholz Senior was an artist in Cologne, Aachen and Eupen. He first learned the profession of radio and television technician, followed by a master craftsman’s examination.

1963: The Institute for Technical Acoustics was founded at the TH Aachen, where he worked as head of the electronics department until his retirement.

1963: First attempts at art.

1963: Inspired by his grandfather, Franz Buchholz starts taking drawing courses. First pictures, silk-screen prints and collages are created.

1968: Metal collages, stainless steel sculptures, reliefs, sound objects and electronic objects are created.

1969: First plotter drawings with the Hewlett Packard pen plotter are created.

1970: From relief to kinetic works.

1971: The art works of the Zero Group make a great impression on him and so Franz Buchholz begins to strip apparatuses of their practicality.

1973-2018: Technology, electronics and physics are incorporated into his works. Acoustic, kinetic and water objects, laser and video objects and films are created.



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Solo Exhibitions | Selection
Neue Galerie Sammlung Ludwig Aachen ^^ Galerie Dejong Bergers, Maastricht “NL” ^^ Stadttheater Aachen ^^ Deutsche Parlamentarische Gesellschaft, Bonn ^^ Kunstverein Jülich, with Joseph Beuys ^^ Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hannover ^^ Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen, Cologne ^^ Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf ^^ Klang und Bewegung, Burg-Galerie, Stolberg ^^ Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, Aachen ^^ Kunstverein Euskirchen ^^ Sound-Touch-Sculpture, Aachen ^^ Three-Part Rotating Stainless Steel Sculpture, Oberforstbach ^^ Light Stele with 553 Lamps, Aachener Bank, Aachen ^^ Fountain, Residents’ Registration Office Aachen ^^ Laser Advice Centre NRW ^^ Sound Installations, Katschhof Aachen ^^ Kulturzentrum Talbahnhof, Eschweiler ^^ Sound Installation, Municipality of Aachen ^^ DAGA Conference, TH Aachen ^^ Klangdreieck, Music School Aachen ^^ MeasComp, Wiesbaden ^^ Bayerisches Fernsehen ^^ Terra Modellgärten, Mönchengladbach ^^ Galerie Perplies, Aachen ^^ Galerie 45, Aachen ^^ Reconstruction of the work “Umgraben” by Wolf Vostell, Ludwig Forum Aachen ^^ ap + p Klang-Tast-Pyramide, Aachen ^^ large sound-touch-object “Omega” Keplerschule für Sehbehinderte, Aachen ^^ exhibition ARTeriel, Würselen ^^ large stainless steel sculpture “Moonligth”, Eurogress Aachen ^^ Electronically painting pictures, Ludwig Forum, Aachen ^^ Retrosepktive exhibition 2017, Buchholz turns 80, ARTeriel Würselen

Participation in exhibitions | Selection
Aachen artists, Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, Aachen ^^ IBK exhibition ^^1974 – 1995 Große Düsseldorfer NRW ^^ First Aachen art market ^^ Three artists in the Kammerspiele, Aachen ^^ Charme a’ Limburg (B) ^^ Artists between Rhine and Erft ^^ Kunstverein Frechen und Bergheim ^^ Essen Forum ^^Rathaus Siegburg ^^ Artists in the Hahnentorburg, Cologne ^^ Video presentation Sammlung-Ludwig, Aachen ^^ Artists in Maastricht (NL), Dominikanerk ^^ Audio – Video new media, Neue Galerie Sammlung-Ludwig, Aachen ^^ Artist Aachen Today I – II – III, Suermondt Museum, Aachen ^^ Opening Barockfabrik, Kunsthaus, Aachen ^^ Open-Art-Show, Kultureel Centrum, Alden Biesen (B) ^^ Aachener Künstler in Burtscheid, Aachen ^^ Het Bassin, Kunstzentrum Maastricht (NL) ^^ Kunstbasar Atrium Aachen ^^ Neuer Aachener Kunstverein ^^ Skulpturen in der Zitadelle, Jülich ^^ Kunstvereinigung Melkfabrik, Sittard (NL) ^^ Kunstverein Heinsberg ^^ Hannover Messe Laserberatung ^^ 100 Jahre Aseag Kunst Forum ^^ Hommage a’ Joseph Beuys, Kunstforum Aachen ^^ Wasserweg – Kunst in Jülich ^^ Skulpt III European Sculptures, Museum Maubeuge (F) ^^ Kunstverein Salix, Karst ^^ World Music Days, Leopold-Hoesch-Museum, Düren ^^ Japanese Cultural Institute, Cologne ^^ Sculptures, Zitadelle Jülich ^^ Kunstverein Heinsberg, a box to the province ^^ Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf ^^ Musika 89, Moscow ^^ Le Fondsd’Art Museum, Maubeuge (F) ^^ Galerie Theißen, Aachen ^^ 50 Years of AN Art Auctions ^^ Survever large video exhibition Landesgartenschau, Jülich ^^ Decade of the Human Brain, Bonn ^^ Central Association of German Crafts, Berlin ^^ 25 Years Art Association, Jülich ^^ 20 Years Art Association Heinsberg ^^ Röher Park Clinic Sculpture Park, Eschweiler ^^ Artists Help Children, Hof Stolberg ^^ Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium, Aachen ^^ Kasteel Daelenbroeck, Herkenbosch (NL) ^^ Lions Land Art, Baesweiler ^^ Ludwig Forum Aachen, Video Archive – Painting Electronic Images ^^ Tile Exhibition, Aachen ^^ Exhibition Collection Dr. J. Gülpers, Herzogenrath ^^ Exhibition Multiply by Sharing, Werkplaats, Kerkrade (NL)

Works in public space | Selection
1981 Aachen, Neue Galerie Sammlung Ludwig, Video Painting ^^ 1982 Bonn, Federal Government – Bundeshaus, Kinetic Relief ^^ 1983 Hannover, Landesbildungsanstalt – Sound Variator ^^ 1986 Aachen, ITA – TH – Programmable Light Surface ^^ 1987 Muse’e de Maubeuge – Acoustic Sound Touch Surface ^^ 1988 Stolberg, Tonolith – Acoustic Sound-Touch-Stele ^^ 1990 Jülich – Acoustic Model ^^ 1993 Aachen Bendelstraße – Large Sound-Touch-Sculpture ^^ 1994 Oberforstbach Aachen – Three-Part Large Sculpture ^^ 1995 Aachen + Residents’ Registration Office (High-Rise) – Sound Fountain ^^ 1999 Aachen Bank – Large Light Stele with 553 Lamps ^^ 2001 Berlin, Zentrale des Deutschen Handwerks – Zeitpendel-Mobile-Klangtast-Objekt ^^ 2003 Aachen, Stadtverwaltung – Klanginstallation – Klangscheibe – Klangdreieck ^^ 2003 Aachen, Musikschule – Klangdreieck ^^ 2012 Aachen, ap+p – Klang-Tast-Pyramide ^^ 2012 Aachen, Johannes Keplerschule für Sehbehinderte – Large sound-touch-stele “Omega” ^^ 2013-2014 Aachen Eurogress – Large stainless steel light installation “Moonlight” ^^ 2016 Aachen Stadttheater – An old theatre chair tells its story from 1924 – 1944 (VIDEO) ^^ Numerous publications and catalogues