About the artist

Flör, civil Mirko Blum, was born in Düsseldorf in 1978 and still lives and works there.

The stage name Flör is derived from his last name: Blum(e) became the French Fleur. Because his wife comes from Paris and the Düsseldorf native does not speak French, he now spells himself as spoken, Flör!

His artistic talent was already evident in his elementary school days with constant painting of exercise books, books and the – comprehensible – very good results in art classes.

In his youth he turned intensively to graffiti and street art and laid the foundation for his later, very own style in pop art, the Stained Pop Art. Very clearly, elements from street art can be seen in his professional works. “The biggest admirer of graffiti works is the police,” they say, and so Flör also came into conflict with the law a time or two. He soon changed the medium, to canvases and other, legal documents, but remained true to his style: intense colors and strong contrasts, both in color and motif, have been important pictorial elements since the beginning of his professional career. The mixture of different styles creates the look that is so unique for Flör works: bright colors, large-format works, intense, almost brute motifs. Overlapping and sometimes interacting comic figures, also called doodles, appear in all his works, making them unique Pop Art works with a clear recognition value, Stained Pop Art in fact.

Doodles are not only found on canvases, but are slowly spreading everywhere: On handbags, shoes, chairs, vases or model cars – on art objects, as on things of everyday use.

In 2020, Flör participated with DenkMal Dalí in the internationally renowned DenkMal series created by the late German pop artist Ralf Metzenmacher. The playful nature of the doodles, combined with the thoughtfulness and profundity of the DenkMal series are a very special contrast, which in essence reflects the work of Flör: Colorful, intense, but at the same time almost superhuman in size and yet to be understood as a tribute, the works reflect a very special symbiosis of art and design that is unique in pop art.

Since 2019, Flör regularly shows his works in various, national exhibitions – both alone, as well as in group exhibitions. Again and again, you can also see and buy his works at art actions, mostly around his hometown Düsseldorf.


Alter Bahnhof Gerresheim – solo exhibition Flör (since April 2021)
Built in 1877 and lavishly restored several times, the Alter Bahnhof Gerresheim is a top-class art and culture location. Architecture and artworks merge to offer visitors a very special experience.

The solo exhibition “Doodled by Flör” was planned as a live exhibition with vernissage in spring 2021, but cannot take place like this due to the current health situation. The works hang in the premises and will be made available to the public as soon as possible. Currently, a temporary test center is located in the station, but the paintings remain on site to delight medical staff and patients in the meantime.

Charity exhibition “100 Years of Beuys” of the Cultopia Cologne Foundation (since April 2021)
The Cultopia Foundation, formerly Kunst-Hilft-Geben e.V., is a foundation in Cologne that focuses on the poorest of the poor – people without a roof over their heads. For years, the foundation has been organizing high-caliber art exhibitions, the proceeds of which go to help the homeless. Gerhard Richter, Rosemarie Trockel, HA Schult and Harald Nägeli are just a few of the artists who regularly exhibit and donate their work there. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Düsseldorf artist Joseph Beuys, the foundation is organizing a thematic exhibition with 21 internationally renowned artists. Flör has donated two of his Beuys works (Hut ab Beuys and Golden Beuys) to the exhibition and is thus participating in a Foundation exhibition for the first time. The works are shown digitally due to the current health situation, there is the possibility of viewing by appointment.

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